Our Needs
We need a campus with senior residential housing for healthy adults over 62, an assisted living center and a skilled nursing center where the LGBT community can age in peace and in acceptance. We expect the GLBT baby boomers of tomorrow to create a need twenty times that of today. Yet, we keep asking, “Where are the Gay and Lesbian retirement centers of today?” Its time to take care of our own!
Our Purpose
We think GLBT owned and operated communities will be more attractive to our aging community. We are not alone in thinking the aging needs and concerns of the LBGT community are unique.
The GLARP® Project will be based on need and desire in a resort environment. It will be designed to benefit the entire Gay and Lesbian community because the ownership will be held by GLARP® – a non-profit organization committed to investing profits made in other GLBT Retirement Developments. GLARP® has tax exempt status under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
GLARP® is in the course of securing a parcel of land within Palm Springs, the California desert community that has attracted many senior members of the GLBT community. We now have an updated Market Feasibility Study and Preliminary Financial Feasibility Study. We are in the course of turning first to our community members for investment money and ultimately, to Bond financing for construction funds.
Our Team
GLARP® has formed a development team that is ready to proceed on developing this Resort Retirement Community that is a market-rate Resort Reitement Community oriented and geared to the LGBT community.
GLARP® has chosen members of its Team that have a track record of success. Legal input has been provided by the San Francisco law firm of Hanson & Bridgett and Stephen Taber of Holland & Knight LLP. Our Los Angeles based development consultant Stan Treitel has been with us since the beginning and brings invaluable experience to the table. Rich Lake of the Architectual firm of McKernan & Associates out of Pennsylvania has had a wealth of experience in designing retirement resorts for senior living. Financial advice and support has been provided by Mary Munoz of Ziegler Capital. Marketing, program development, and financial consultation on the development have been provided by Mary McMullin and John Gray from the highly reputable firm of New Life Management & Development LLC. It is hoped that New Life will ultimately provide initial Operations for the Continuing Care Retirement Community. Leif Helland is GLARP®‘S Publicist. Design and Planning consultation was provided by Jeff Samudio, former partner of Design Aid Architects. GLARP® anticipates selecting Weis Builders to proceed with construction. Planning and Engineering services have been supplied by Marvin Roos of MSA Consultants in Palm Springs. Financial support and consultation has also been provided by Andrew Logan and more recently, by Kelly Vandever and Matt Wilson of Total Lifestyle Communities. Our local realtors are Fey & Associates of Palm Springs. If you want to make a difference in your life, consider leaving a charitable gift to GLARP® by including GLARP® in your Will, Trust, or 401(k) and future generations of members of the GLBT community will thank you.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: If you want to make a difference, contribute.