Long Term Care Insurance Discount for GLARP ® Members

24 January, 2013 (20:44) | Financial, GLARP | By: GLARP

Announcing GLARP® members can get a 35% discount on Long Term Care Insurance through Prudential! Check it out thrugh Agent Larry Bragg. For those wanting long term care coverage, he is personally offering this discount to members of GLARP ®.

Social Issues of Aging Gays & Lesbians

24 January, 2013 (19:50) | Financial, GLARP, Housing, Social | By: GLARP

Studies have shown (as if we needed them) that our GLBT senior community particularly suffers from loneliness. We don’t have the same social grid as the heterosexual community. While we may attend a Church with thousands of members, unless there is a special outreach to our GLBT congregates, we often are not included or accepted as equals. When a partner dies, the meeting place, if it was a bar, may have closed or not be as accepting of older members. Most of the socializing in our community, as we know, is still geared to the younger generation. Our lives at least in this household have revolved around each other for 28+ years. If single, how do you meet a new partner in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s? Please comment, GLARP welcomes your input and suggestions. The Internet appears to offer some avenues. Our GLARP Survey results have shown “group housing” of our LGBT community to be both needed and wanted across our Country, please participate and add your voice to the Survey! From these Survey results, we have been directed to develop senior housing.