On this home page we will introduce our LGBT organization and highlight important areas on our site. Stay tuned through this site to the many changes affecting senior members of the GLBT community and in particular to developing retirement communities.
There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. By building an effective web site, we hope to get our message out to a larger audience of people interested in similar issues.
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About Us

The Gay & Lesbian Association of Retiring Persons, Inc. ® or usually called, GLARP® is a non-profit corporation formed in 1996 by co-founders Mary Thorndal and Veronica St. Claire to call attention to the aging issues in the GLBT community. The initial publicity and response to our housing survey was overwhelming as positive feedback poured in encouraging activities specifically slated for elder housing development – a place “just for us”.

Our corporation was subsequently amended to permit development and operation of senior housing, along with our education purpose.Our Board determined to pursue housing opportunities in the Palm Springs, CA region where so many of our community already reside in retirement and where, the government and community support our activities. We felt it important to keep any development in the non-profit arena so that it would remain in our community as a permanent benefit; as well as being able to access low cost Bond financing for construction.
We have been in Escrow three times and made offers on several other parcels in the Coachella Valley. The timing and financing has not yet been right, but each time we gain and approach closer to our goal of providing market rate senior housing, specifically marketed and operated for our community. Meanwhile, we have formed a tight Team who have engaged in many of the Pre-development activities such as Focus Groups, Financial Feasibility Studies and the like.