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Please help the LGBT community with your tax-deductible donations today. GLARP is a registered charitable organization that accepts a wide range of donations. We readily accept standard donations, like cash, but we're also always in the market for vehicles, property, and even stocks.

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Legal Disclaimer

The following information is purely informative. It is not legal advice and should not be taken as such. Please consult your accountant or estate planning attorney for your individual case should you need financial or professional advice. If you lack an attorney, contact your local county bar association for a referral.

Easy Online Donations

At our LGBT charity organization, we appreciate all kinds of support. Whether you make a one-time gift or provide us with annual or monthly donations, your generosity always makes a difference. Donating online with us is a safe, simple, and efficient way to help the senior LGBT community. GLARP is sustained by your donations. With your help, we can continue to make a difference.

Direct Donations To Our Cause

When you make a gift to GLARP, you decide how it will be used. You can offer up an educational gift or scholarship, or request that it be applied specifically to housing or other important needs. Any gifts that are not specifically designated are applied wherever the need is greatest, at our board's discretion. We welcome one-time or recurring donations from major credits, PayPal, and even debit accounts.

Unique Donations

In addition to standard tax-deductible donations, we also accept gifts of stock or property. Just call or email us today to make your pledge. Memorial gifts are another form of inspiring donation that we love to see at our LGBT charity. GLARP will notify the partner, spouse, or family and your memorial donation can support a wide range of needs for that individual. If you have any questions about these and other unique donations, please contact us today.

Accepting Vehicle Donations

Do you have a car you no longer want? You can make a real contribution to us with a donation of your automobile. If you choose to donate your car, truck, or van to GLARP, we'll pick it up at your home or work at your discretion for no additional charge. Contact us directly to ask any questions you may have or to pledge your vehicle.

Gifts of Real Estate

While we at GLARP love to receive many different kinds of donations, a gift of real estate is absolutely the ideal asset for our organization. You can gift your property to us outright, place it in a trust, retain the use of it for living, or give it to us via your will. All of these options allow you to enjoy personal, financial benefits while supporting our organization.

Real Estate Tax Benefits

If you have owned property for more than a year and then make an outright gift of it, you typically obtain an income tax charitable deduction equal to the property's full fair market value. This deduction frees cash that otherwise would have been used to pay taxes, and it lets you reduce the cost of making the donation itself. Sometimes, capital gains tax on the property's appreciation is avoided. Furthermore, the transfer isn't subject to the gifts tax, and the gifted property reduces your taxable estate. Contact your accountant or estate planning attorney to determine if this form of donation is right for you.

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Charitable Remainder Trust

One truly extraordinary gift plan is the charitable remainder trust. You may transfer assets to this type of trust in return for income over a period of years or even your entire lifetime. Income may be paid to you, your partner, or other individuals. At the termination of the trust, the remaining principal passes to GLARP. A charitable trust allows you to reduce potential estate costs and taxes, provide future income for your designated others, and ultimately benefits our organization.

A charitable trust is particularly effective if you own a highly appreciated, low-income property, such as low-dividend stocks. Appreciated property can be transferred into a charitable trust at its current market value, allowing you to benefit from its total appreciated value. The property may then be liquidated, tax-free, by the trustee and invested in higher-return assets, often resulting in more income for you.